Friday, November 30, 2012

Why Use A Realtor ro Rent Your Wildwood Summer Rental?

Why use a Realtor to rent your Wildwood summer rental?

Wildwood Rentals at Island Realty Group

Wildwood New Jersey is one of the east coast’s most popular summer vacation spots due in part to our clean and expansive beaches but also because of our wide array of rental properties whether it is a one bedroom condo or an over-the-top beachfront townhouse or single family home.  We also offer a wide range of price options from $650 per week to over $5000 per week.

Many times a tenant will ask why they should use a Realtor. The reasons are numerous:

1/ OUR EXPERIENCE: This is our business and we do it well. Each year more homeowners lust with us and more tenants choose to rent through us so we must be doing something right. The properties we offer are inspected by us to ensure they are what they appear to be in every aspect.

2/ CONVENIENCE: We accept credit cards at no additional cost to the tenant or homeowner. This gives both parties peace of mind that the reservation is valid and in place.

3/ RELIABILITY: We are in our office 7 days a week so our customer service department is always available to answer any of your concerns.

4/ OUR NETWORK: We maintain relationships with various service companies in order to get preferred service should a situation arise with a rental property. This helps us resolve unforeseen problems quickly for both the tenant and property owner.

5/ SECURTY DEPOSIT: We hold your security deposit, not the property owner so you are sure to receive it back in a timely manner.

6/ INVENTORY: Why settle for your last choice when you can choose from hundreds of Wildwood Rentals we currently have in our inventory.

7/ STATE LICENSURE: Probably the most important reason to use a Realtor is the fact that we are licensed by the State of New Jersey’s Real Estate Commission which is under the control of the New Jersey Division of Banking and Insurance. Simply put we are held to a higher standard of accountability than a typical homeowner to ensure all parties are treated fairly and responsibly. We must also adhere to a Strict Code of Ethics which governs our actions in each and every transaction we participate in.

When looking reserve your next Wildwood summer rental, look to the Realtors of Island Realty Group.

We are pleased to offer the newest additions to our rental inventory and gratefully thank the property owners for choosing Island Realty Group as their Wildwood Rental Agents:

wildwood rentals with pools at

stockton beach house rentals in wildwood crest

mariners cove rentals in diamond beach wildwood crest new jersey

Please check back often as we continue to add properties to our inventory each week.  If you are a homeowner looking to have us market your rental you may either sign up on our Wildwood Rental Registration Form or call us at 609.522.4999. 

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